No more
rental deposit

A smarter way to rent and a better way to manage your money.

Pay 1st month rent,
move in
No deposit required. Pay 1st month rental & legal processing fees and move in. At rentDAX, we will pay the rental deposit & other upfront cost for you.
No more risk,
build credit rating
No more risk losing your deposit. Pay your rent on time to build up your rentDAX ratings to improve your credit worthiness.
Free up cash,
easy & fast
With rentDAX, you can free up your cash for investments, holidays, or spend it on things you love, easily and instantly.
How does it work?

Easy and hassle-free, we take all the stress out of renting and moving.

Getting your rentDAX passport
Apply online with all the necessary documents. You will be notified in 2 working days whether you have been issued your rentDAX passport.
Using your rentDAX passport
If you have identified the home and the rental amount is within your rentDAX rent limit, ask your agent to contact us. Leave the negotiation to us and we will take care of everything for you. If you haven’t, you can engage our agent partners or you can search on property websites.
Extending or ending your tenancy
Extend the tenancy subject to a new agreement or end it if there are no damages, unpaid rent, water and sewage bills. Or rent at another place with your rentDAX passport easily with a good and clean rental payment record.
Managing damages or unpaid rent
You are liable for any damages or unpaid rent. With a detailed inventory list (photos), we do our best to help resolve any potential disputes upfront. Delinquent tenants will have their passport revoked and reported to our credit reporting agency partner.
Ready to get started?

To rent and have more cash left in your pocket.

Get your passport
Only rentDAX passport holders are eligible for our ZERO DEPOSIT rental program.
Search and go for viewings
Search for your dream home and schedule viewings with agents. Once you found the home you love, don't waste time negotiating. Do not pay the earnest fee. Get your agent to contact rentDAX, and we will handle the rest for you.
Pay refundable booking fee
Once you want us to secure the home for you, proceed to pay the fully refundable booking fee. This fee will be converted to your first month rental if we are able to secure the property for you.
Sign & move in
Once the property is secured, pay the RM299 rental agreement and stamping fees and sign the tenancy agreement. Collect your keys and move in to your new home.
Get my passport now

And start renting with more cash left in your pocket.

What is rentDAX

We are Malaysia's first DEPOSIT FREE rental platform designed for you to rent your next home without the expensive cash commitment up front.

All you need is to get your rentDAX passport first.

Our Partners

We're rolling out rentDAX across Malaysia with leading real estate agencies to help you find your home.

Henry Butcher
Cornerstone Realty
Prestige Realty
Cozy Homes
Wereg Properties
PTLM Real Estate
Maxxan Realty