Frequently Asked Questions

New to rentDAX? Learn how we can help you free up more cash as a tenant & how to close more deals as an agent.

Q1. Who are we?

DAX Venture Sdn Bhd ("DAX Venture") is a unique organization created to change the way people rent, buy, and sell property. We are a group of people, united in purpose and diversified in backgrounds, who believe that we can help reduce the friction and inefficiencies in the property value chain in Asia.

Q2. What is rentDAX?

rentDAX is Malaysia's first DEPOSIT FREE rental platform designed to address the many challenges faced by tenants and landlords. With the rentDAX passport, tenants rent without the expensive cash commitment locked in as rental deposit. Landlords get their full deposit, timely rental payments, and leave the hassle of serving and managing the tenants to us and our agency partners. Working hand-in-hand with our real estate agency partners and negotiators, our purpose is to ensure that good tenants are matched with good landlords.
*rentDAX is not a property search web site and is designed specifically to work with our strategic agency partners and their negotiators by leveraging their extensive listings on the top property portals in Malaysia.

Q3. Is rentDAX legal?

All processes and legal documents have been assessed by our in-house legal team and is in full compliance with the Malaysian law.

Q4. What are the fees for using rentDAX?

Consumers can apply for their rentDAX passport for FREE. Tenants with a valid rentDAX passport who successfully rent on the platform will pay a minimum of 3% on top of their approved rental limit.

For example, if the approved rental limit is RM2,000, the tenant will pay RM 2,060 as their rental every month.

rentDAX will pay the full 2.5 months of deposit of RM5,000 for the tenant and sublet it to the tenant. The tenant just needs to pay the 1st month rental plus RM299 for the rental agreement to move in.

Landlords can take advantage of rentDAX for FREE through their agents and negotiators. rentDAX does not partake in the commercial arrangement between the landlords and their agents or negotiators.

Q5. Can I use my rentDAX passport for room rental?

rentDAX is only available for rental of the entire property. However, there is no restriction for rentDAX passport holders to come together to jointly co-rent provided this arrangement is stated up front and clearly defined in the tenancy agreement.

Q6. Is my personal data safe on rentDAX?

We are committed to protecting the security of your Personal Information. DAX Venture and the third-party service providers that provide hosting services for the Contact use a variety of security technologies and administrative procedures to help protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure with security measures appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Read more on our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Q1. How to find my dream house?

rentDAX is not a property search site. Please use popular property websites such as,, and to do so or you can refer to our strategic real estate agency partners for help.

We strongly recommend, however, that you apply for your rentDAX passport first before searching for your dream home. By doing so, you will at least start with an indication of what you can afford and how much you are eligible for the ZERO DEPOSIT plan with rentDAX.

Q2. Why do I need to submit a copy of my NRIC and other required income documents?

In order for us to better serve you and help you free up your cash for better use, we will need your permission to run the necessary credit checks and also verify your financial commitments. By doing so, we are helping you to assess the rental budget for you and issue you your rentDAX passport. Overtime, you will also be able to build up your rental payment records and improve your credit ratings with the respective credit reporting agencies.

Q3. What is a rentDAX Passport?

At rentDAX, we believe Good Tenants deserve Good Landlords. To be able to differentiate if you are a Good Tenant, we will have to pre-qualify you through a stringent certification process and provide you with an official rentDAX passport. More importantly, with your rentDAX passport, you can rent with ZERO DEPOSIT and save up to 3 months in rental and utility deposit.

Q4. ZERO Deposit - Who pays for my deposit

As a valid rentDAX passport holder, DAX Venture will pay all the necessary deposit and rent your home for you. All you need to do is pay the 1st month rental and sign the rental agreement with us digitally. The cost of the rental agreement and stamping fees is RM299, exclusive of service tax, if applicable.

Q5. How do I pay the rental?

As rentDAX is renting and sub-letting to you, you will pay your rent to DAX Venture. In addition to this, DAX Venture will inform you every month before the due date. Due date reminders will be sent out via SMS and emails 3 days before the actual due date.

Q6. rentDAX Cancellation Policy
  1. Sub-Tenant has paid the booking fee and executed the Offer To Rent.
  2. In the event that the Sub-Tenant cancels the renting of the said demised premise after executed the Offer To Rent, the paid booking fee is non-refundable.

  3. Sub-Tenant has paid and executed the e-Sub-Tenancy Agreement.
  4. In the event that the Sub-Tenant decides to cancel the renting of the said demised premise after executed the e-Sub-Tenancy Agreement, all paid monies are non-refundable.

Q7. rentDAX Refund Policy
  1. Sub-Tenant has paid the booking fee and executed the Offer To Rent.
  2. In the event, DAX Venture (the Main Tenant) is not successful in renting the said demised premise from the landlord, the booking fee collected will be refunded to you (the Sub-Tenant) without interest.

    Refund will be made via online transfer. Once payment is credited, you (the Sub-Tenant) will be notified via email.

  3. Sub-Tenant has paid and executed the e-Sub-Tenancy Agreement.
  4. In the event that the Main Tenancy Agreement is not executed between the landlord and DAX Venture (the Main Tenant) prior to the Commencement Date of this e-Sub-Tenancy Agreement, the e-Sub-Tenancy Agreement shall be revoked.

    Consequently, all monies shall be refunded to you (the Sub-Tenant) without interest.

    Refund will be made via online transfer. Once payment is credited, you (the Sub-Tenant) will be notified via email.

Q1. How do I sign the sub-tenancy agreement?

The sub-tenancy agreement is e-signed in the website.

Q2. Is there a sub-tenancy agreement? Customizable? Who pays for it?

rentDAX has a e-sub-tenancy agreement template prepared by our lawyer, exclusively for DAX Venture and the tenant. The e-sub-tenancy agreement processing and stamping fees is chargeable to the tenant at RM299 for one-year agreement. The processing fee is exclusive of service tax, if applicable.

Q3. Is a digital sub-tenancy agreement legal in Malaysia?

All sub-tenancy agreement follows a standard template with selected customizable variables. It's fully compliance to Malaysian law pertaining to e-tenancy agreement.

Q4. Can I early terminate the sub-tenancy agreement?

The tenant under normal circumstances are required to fulfill the one (1) full year commitment of the tenancy agreement.

Q6. What happens when the sub-tenancy agreement ends?
  • There are two possible actions for when the contract ends:
    1. Tenant renews the contract for another one (1) year period
    2. Tenant chooses to move out
  • When tenant moves out, tenant must take care of the following:
    1. Arrange for checking out process 1 month before move out date
    2. Clear all utility bills
    3. Arrange a handover for the keys with DAX Venture-Agent Partner
Q1. How does rentDAX agent partner works?

It is easy and hassle-free. Our goal is to help you close faster and serve your landlords better.

Sign up with your REN ID and agency information and be our rentDAX agent partner. We work with you to close your deals faster and to protect and better serve your landlords.

Q2. Is there any commitment to be rentDAX agent partner?

There is no commitment. You can choose not to offer rentDAX to your landlords and tenants, if you feel that it is not necessary. Use it only if it helps you to close the deal and with landlords who are open to sub-letting their properties, and for tenants who wants to free up their cash for other things.

Q3. How can rentDAX benefit me?

Join rentDAX as our agent partner. Stand out in a crowded and competitive market. Make your rental listings even more appealing by boosting your listings with rentDAX's ZERO Deposit rental scheme.

We work with you to close your deals faster. We will do all the pre-screening for you to help you to qualify and close faster. With this, you can at least have the information to help your landlord to make the right decision and protect their interest.

Q4. How can landlords benefit from rentDAX?

We will rent directly from your landlords, pay the full 2.5-month deposit and ensure prompt rental payment every month.

We screen and qualify all our tenants with our proprietary rentDAX certification algorithm.

Q5. Are landlords protected from property damages or unpaid rents?

rentDAX are still liable for any damages or unpaid rent but with a very detailed inventory list (photos) and stringent checking out process, we will do our best to help resolve any potential disputes upfront.

Delinquent sub-tenants will have their rentDAX passport revoked and reported to our credit reporting agency partner.

Q6. How do I become rentDAX agent partner?

Submit your details and our Agent Engagement Team will be in touch with you soon. Join Us now.

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